General conditions

General booking Conditions

Please check the booking documents, invoices and vouchers issued by MY GARDA HOLIDAY immediately and inform us about all eventual errors immediately.

1. Prices

All prices are in Euro and per apartment/villa and Week/night. Whether and to what extent additional costs for final cleaning, WiFi, air conditioning, heating (where available), electricity, bed linen and bathroom linen, tourism tax, surcharge for additional guests and additional services such as cot or high chair, please refer to the object description and the booking documents.

2. Payment

A deposit of 30% of the amount of the booking is requested upon booking and can be paid by credit card or bank transfer. The deposit is due within 7 days after receipt of the booking confirmation. If the deposit is not paid within this period, MY GARDA HOLIDAY reserves the right to cancel the booking and withdraw from the rental agreement. All claims of the tenant shall lapse in this case.

For certain payment types, such as credit card, MY GARDA HOLIDAY reserves the right to charge an additional fee (2%). For last minute bookings (less than 1 week before arrival) payment is often only possible by debit or credit card.

The balance of 70% of the booking amount is due 30 days before the arrival date. In the case of bookings made less than 30 days before the date of arrival, the total amount of the reservation will be payable with the moment of booking.

All extras and the final cleaning have to be paid upon arrival in cash.

If the time limit for payment of the balance of the booking is not met, the tenant will receive a reminder from MY GARDA HOLIDAY. The payment reminder is sent by email to the MY GARDA HOLIDAY known email address of the tenant. From this moment on, the tenant is required to settle the balance within 5 workdays. If after 5 working days no payment has been made, the agency reserves the right to cancel the booking and to withhold the deposit of 30% of the amount of the booking as a compensation. Once the booking has been cancelled, the booking period will be re-applied in order to be reassigned.

If the customer does not arrive on the agreed date of arrival (no-show), he has no right to a refund of the booking amount and the additional costs. In case of late arrival within the booked period the customer is obliged to inform the agency MY GARDA HOLIDAY of the later arrival day immediately.

3. Withdrawal and cancellation policy

In case of cancellation of the booking on the part of the tenant, this is obligated to inform immediately MY GARDA HOLIDAY via email. Depending on how long before the agreed arrival date the cancellation is made, the tenant is bound to the following cancellation and payment conditions:

-In case of cancellation less than 4 weeks but more than 6 days before the planned arrival day, a total of 70% of the booking amount is due.

-In case of cancellation less than 6 days before the planned arrival date and in case of no-show, a total of 100% of the booking amount will be due.

Should the tenant voluntarily leave early, he shall not be entitled to a refund of the booking amount.

4. Rules for the Stay

The holiday domicile may only be inhabited and used with the number of persons indicated in the booking confirmation. The number of persons mentioned also includes children, toddlers and babies. At check-in, correct personal identification information is tätigken for all travellers. Should the number of persons indicated in the booking confirmation be exceeded, the agency MY GARDA HOLIDAY reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement without delay, with the consequence that the tenant will not reimburse the holiday domicile The landlord or the mediation agency must immediately vacate the premises.

All guests are required to observe and follow existing house and pool regulations and in particular regulations regarding rest periods.

5. Housing Equipment

Our apartments are fully furnished and equipped with stove, fridge, pots, plates, glasses, tableware, hot and cold water, 220Volt electricity and according to the description of the property. A blanket and pillows are available for each bed. Towels, sheets and cookery in accordance with the booking documents (including or self-bringing). Swimming pools are usually open from May 15th to 15th September (dates may vary depending on the accommodation and weather conditions).

6. Pets

Pets are only allowed in designated accommodation. In no case is it permitted to take pets into the areas of the facility for common use such as pool, playgrounds or gardens. Pets must not be left unattended in the apartment.

Bringing pets in holiday homes where this is not permitted constitutes a breach of contract on the part of the tenant and may result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement by the agency MY GARDA HOLIDAY on behalf of the landlord, but in any case The payment of a cleaning in the amount of €200.

The tenant is liable for any damage caused by the animal brought by the leased property.

7. Arrival and Departure

Check-out on departure day until 10:00 p.m. Please inform the agency the day before your departure about your requested departure time.

Check-in on arrival day up from 4 pm until 7:30 pm. Arrival after 7:30 pm is charged 75€ until 10 pm. Arrival after 10 pm is charged 100€. Arrival after 7:30 pm is possible without any charge only in those apartments and villas that are served with self check-in.

Early check-in: Upon request, according to availability. Without extra charge up from 1 pm. Early check-in before 1 pm is charged 40€.

Late check-out: Upon request, according to availability. Without extra charge until 12 am. Check-out after 12 am until 5 pm (latest possible check-out time), is charged 40€.

8. Special requests of the customer

Customer special requests (e.g. deviating arrival time, optional equipment, additional cleaning etc.) can be entered in the free text field of the booking on the homepage and the portals, or by telephone or by e-mail to be matched with us.

9. Complaints

Deficiencies in the mediation service of MY GARDA HOLIDAY must be reported to the tenant immediately and be given the opportunity to remedy them. If this advertisement is not culpable, any claims of the tenants from the contract of employment shall be waived, as far as MY GARDA HOLIDAY would have been able to provide appropriate remedy.

Defects of the holiday domicile itself, its facilities or other defects or disturbances must be reported by the tenants immediately to the holiday home agency MY GARDA HOLIDAY and demand a remedy. If this advertisement is not culpable, there are no claims of the tenant to the landlord, insofar as this would have been able to meet the defect or fault as quickly as possible, maximum within 72 hours or by the release of an equivalent other holiday domicile.

If you have not reported the deficiencies found immediately and thus during your holiday, in order to give the agency the opportunity to remedy, MY GARDA HOLIDAY must not take this complaint into account!

10. Deposit and damages

In case of culpable damage to the holiday domicile or the property, the agency MY GARDA HOLIDAY in the name of the landlord requires compensation. The tenants are required to immediately notify the agency MY GARDA HOLIDAY of any damage caused by telephone or email.

As a guarantee in the case of minor damages in the holiday accommodation or at the building, in the case of artisanal operations which are necessary at the fault of the tenant or in the event of an incomplete inventory or missing key after the departure of the customer, for each holiday accommodation requires a deposit. This is usually to be deposited as a credit card security (upon arrival) and is deliberated by the agency after a positive check of the holiday accommodation after the departure of the customer/tenant.

Please leave the apartment tidy and dispose of all rubbish in the designated container stations or bins before departure. The refrigerator must be emptied and clean, the hotplate clean and the dishes washed. In case of failure to observe one or more of these rules, MY GARDA HOLIDAY reserves the right to withhold an amount of €50.00 from the deposit.

If the amount of damage caused by the tenant is demonstrably exceeding the deposit, the tenant/customer is required to pay the amount of the claim in full.

11. Insurance

We recommend that you complete at least one travel cancellation insurance. Travel health insurance is also useful in other European countries.

The tenant confirms at the booking to be in possession of a reasonable, valid liability insurance to be able to guarantee a possible civil liability in the event of damage either personally or by adequate insurance and the resulting To cover costs.

12. Disclaimer of Liability

The use of an existing pool, indoor pool or whirlpool, the property and the entire rental item is at the tenant's own risk. A liability of the landlord or the mediator for the rented land, as well as the usable communal areas of the rented object is excluded.

A liability for occasional failures or disturbances in the water and/or the power supply is excluded, as well as a liability for the constant operational readiness of facilities such as heating, air conditioning, lift, swimming pool, etc. The agency  "MyGardaHoliday" is not liable for performance problems that it is not responsible for, e.g. in cases of "force majeure".

There is no liability for burglary or theft, and for the guest's belongings. This applies above all to valuables which the tenant keeps and/or leaves in the holiday domicile.

Please make sure that the windows and doors are always closed when you leave the apartment.

13. Changes by the agency

In the event of unforeseen incidents or other facts not indebted by the agency which cause the holiday accommodation booked by the customer not to be used in the booked period, MY GARDA HOLIDAY will provide its customer with at least Offer equivalent or higher-quality holiday accommodation without any compensation being paid by the agency or the customer.


14. Required tourist data

For the public administration (tourism office, ISTAT) and for invoicing, MY GARDA HOLIDAY needs the following personal information upon booking:

  • Name, surname, date and place of birth of all group  members
  • ID card / passport number of the contract partner
  • Date and place of emmission of the ID card / passport of the contract partner
  • Cell phone number with whatsapp